Future Super offers opt-in insurance. We offer three types of insurance

  • Death
  • Death & TPD, and
  • Income Protection

You can find out about our insurance offerings in our Insurance GuideProduct Disclosure StatementAdditional Information Booklet and Financial Services Guide.

When you first join Future Super you have 60 days to apply for our Easy Opt-In Default insurance via your Online Member Portal. This option is only available for Death and Death & TPD cover. This will provide a default amount of cover based on your age and type of work (see pages 17-22 of the Insurance Guide for more information). If your 60 days have expired, or if you wish to apply for Income Protection, get in touch with us at info@myfuturesuper.com.au and our friendly team will help you organise a quote!  

If you currently hold insurance with a different super fund, you may be eligible to transfer your cover. Email us at info@myfuturesuper.com.au to find out more. 

Note: Insurance is not available for pension account holders.